Refactoring the Publishing Process

Erik Hatcher and Steve Loughran mention a future paper I’d really like to read in this excerpt of antbook-update.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Some day soon we will explain how the book was done, and how books could be done better in future in a little paper, Refactoring the Publishing Process [4]. For now, key points are:

  • CVS server on a Redhat 7.1 system, “eiger” in the home DMZ.
  • Home stateful firewall (WebRamp) set to allow port 22, ssh through.
  • Office XP with tracking enabled.
  • Ant wherever we could.

Steve says “I don’t know how it has ended up that you need to have a home DMZ to keep your server and 802.11b LAN separate from your other boxes, with two levels of firewall to make deploying across a house complex, but it has. It’s bad enough defending against script kiddies, pretty soon I’ll have to worry about the RIAA too.”

So far I haven’t seen this paper, but the idea seems great and I hope to see it soon!

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