I’ve had my head down on a project for the last few months — thus the silence. Martin Fowler’s recent note about Anecdotal Evidence brought me out of it.

MF Bliki: AnecdotalEvidence Some people would extend this – saying you can’t really talk about an idea until you’ve seen it on multiple projects. While this is nice, I don’t agree that it’s necessary. Just reporting on one particular thing you discovered on a project is useful because it provides raw material for others. Someone else might be in a similar position and your idea gives them something to try. Someone else may have done a similar thing and when they write about their experiences they report theirs on top of yours.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to share stuff I’m in the middle of doing. Revisions throughout the process often make the end result quite different from where I started. Instead of holding back until I’ve found something I like, I’ll start talking about stuff I’m in the middle of. Hopefully you’ll help me out as you have advice for me to take.

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