Tonight we’ll be deploying the first beta of a major new feature of our product that my team’s been working on since September. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve release updates to our product every two weeks. Our branching strategy is such that we have one month cycles on /trunk that branch on release, and are followed up by a second release two weeks later with some new functionality, but no major restructuring. That keeps us building along happily every two weeks with a way to take on bigger work on the four week branch.

Pieces of it have been growing in the app for some time, but tonight we flip on the central piece for a few small groups. We had a hectic day yesterday, and ultimately discovered a networking problem two teams away that prevented us from hitting our well-publicized deadline last night (always make sure to setup your QA environment as closely as possible to your production environment). All that should be resolved today. Everything’s done.

Now there’s nothing more to do for this release but sit and wait to see which way the wind blows.

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