The Bear and Friends have a way to speak truth. Just before heading to the doctor this morning, my wife put on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh for our son. It’s been years since I’ve seen this, and my ear caught something of it while it played in the background. Pooh has eaten too much hunny and is stuck in Rabbit’s front door. Owl comes by to try and solve the problem. Does any of this sound familiar to you as you’ve seen other IT folks talk to business people about how to solve their problems:

[Owl] You, sir, are stuck. A wedged bear in a great tightness. In a word, irremovable. Now obviously this situation calls for an expert.
[Gopher] Somebody call for excavation expert? I’m not in the book, but I’m at your service. Gopher’s the name. Here’s my card. What’s your problem?
[Owl] Yes, yes, yes. It seems the entrance to Rabbit’s domicile is impassable. To be exact, plugged.
[Gopher] And you want me to dig it out?
[Owl] Precisely. I say, it’s over here my good fellow.
[Gopher] Fist thing to be done is get rid of that bear. He’s gumming up the whole project.
[Owl] Dash it all, he is the project.
[Gopher] Umm… Hard digging, might hit bedrock, danger can happen, risky. Needs planks for bracing. Big job, take two, three days.
[Pooh] Three days? What about lunches?
[Gopher] No problem, I always go home for lunch. Oh, this will run into money.
[Owl] I say, how much
[Gopher] Er, do the job for hourly wage, plus cover material plus overtime plus 10 percent.
[Owl] And your estimate?
[Gopher] N’. N’. Can’t give you an estimate, too risky.
[Owl] Blast it all.
[Gopher] Good idea! Will dynamite, save time.
[Owl] What’s the charge?
[Gopher] The charge? Oh, about seven sticks of dynamite.
[Owl] Oh no no no, the cost, the charge in money?
[Gopher] No charge account, I work strictly cash.
[Owl] Obviously, but I should think…
[Gopher] Well I can’t stand around lollygagging all day, I’ve got a tight schedule…Think it over. Let me know. You’ve got my card. I’m not in the book, you know.
[Owl] Oh dash it all, he’s gone.

I laughed at how little things some things have changed since the Disney writers took liberties with the Pooh stories and created this funny dialogue.

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