Our current implementation of testing emails received is WAY too slow!! It uses a sleep loop to watch an IMAP inbox for a message with a particular subject. There are several problems.

  • The mailbox needs to be cleaned of all test e-mails before each test, in case a stray message of the same subject was left by a failed previous test: TIME CONSUMING
  • The current mail server we use to deliver test e-mails takes more than 1 minute per message.
  • All testing is blocked until the e-mail arrives for the current test. Any way to make parallel tests would really help. Any way to have asynchronously look for an e-mail and then fail a test after it’s passed might help too.

The merits of testing the actual IMAP/POP inbox for a message are highly debatable too. Unit testing usually should use mock objects to fake complex parts of the system, but this is funtional end-to-end testing. So what should it do? Is it useful? We’re up to 67 minutes of test time. This is getting ridiculous.

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