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Granted, you have to call their sales group to get a login to this demo, but obviously people aren’t beating down their door. I’ve got a long list of gripes with PVCS Version Manager [ (Build 297) to be exact]. Not the least of which is a woefully inadequate branching and merging model. Their sales docs and data sheet don’t seem to hint that much has changed. Though, at this link they say

Merant Version Manager – automates common team development tasks, protects code for safe reuse and parallel development, and prevents lost changes and content errors

More than source code protection

Merant Version Manager enables and automates complex team tasks such as parallel development, visual differencing, branching and merging, identification of merge conflicts, promotion levels and team workflow.

Even the long title (taken directly from the web page) leaves a bad impression of pure sales jargon or a blatant attempt at a high search rank.

I’ll leave my technical beef with PVCS for another post.

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