I’ve been excited about the idea of an Eclipse plugin for Subversion ever since I saw the initial announcements about Subclipse. I recently installed version 0.9.7 via the update site (http://www.loonsoft.com/updates), but was not impressed.

Subclipse seems slow! I’m not sure if it’s just the JNI component, or if there’s something else affecting it, but it’s slow to load when Eclipse opens a Subversion project. It’s also incredibly slow the first you right click on a project and choose Team -> Share, and choose SVN. It takes forever for the Finish button to be enabled!

What I want is a clean replacement for the CVS plugin, including Team Synchronizing. I suppose I should just shutup and code some help for the project, but I’m becoming increasingly discouraged by the difficulty of having patches accepted for the code I use frequently (Note: I’ve never submitted a patch to the Subclipse project), and so I’m becoming more content to wait for the updates to be done by those closer to the project, even if it takes a bit longer.

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