Merlin Mann has an interesting take on podcasting here:

Flash: “Podfading” ravages the landscape of logorrheic bloggers

Me? I like the idea that a podcast is simply another way to post. Nothing more. Same way that Flickr and — to name just a couple — let me share something in a way that isn’t a traditional blog post, recording audio lets me (try to) make a certain point in my own way and with tone (and, one hopes, personality) that are a contrast with typically dry blog writing. But maybe that’s just me.

Agreed. 100%. I view the Zdot podcast as an extension of my blog. It lets me speak about things I’d rather speak about, and write about things I’d rather write about. My frequency isn’t tied to a radio show paradigm, but to my interests. It seems this works well for most of my listeners, too.

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