I’ve been using Firefox for a long time. Last night I decided to give Camino a spin. I’m using a nightly build of what will become the 1.5 stable release later this month. This thing sings. It’s fast, feels lean and light, and it stores my passwords in Apple’s Keychain. Lovely.

There’s no way I can give up Firefox for development — Firebug is just too cool. I may, however, use Camino for normal “work” where I’m not trying to tweak the CSS, layout, or whatever of something I’m actually building. This dichotomy could perhaps become too burdensome; though I think QuickSilver will surely see to most of that concern. I could discover that I insanely miss the occasional GreaseMonkey thing, or I really miss…something. We’ll see. For now, I’m happy to have a zippy browser again.

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