I’ve been using Safari 3 for Mac OS X for a couple hours, and while things seem generally nice so far (I love the expandable text areas, and it really is a very fast browser), it’s definitely a beta. I ran into a few odd screens, while trying to learn the shortcuts. Like this one:

Safari Memory Debug Screen

You can get this screen by hitting Cmd +. Now this screen seems to tell me that I can test how quickly a page loads, and also profile the memory used. I type in my URL and hit the right arrow button, just below “Start”, then hit the “Start” button.

When I do so, I get this message telling me about a memory leak:

Safari memory leak message

Now, I don’t really think I found a memory leak. I just think I don’t know how to run the test tool, the message is funny, and I think they probably forgot to yank it from the public beta.

In general, I’m stoked about fiddling with a new version of Safari. I started playing with browsers other than Firefox over a month ago.

A few behavioral oddities I’ve noticed include strange rendering of Google Analytics, and this conundrum where my resized text area “drag handle” ended up in a place that’s now unselectable — I can’t drag my text area to be smaller now.

Safari 3 Beta Bug: resizable drag handle isn't selectable.

I’m not worried though; they’ll fix it. But it sure is fun to play with beta software!

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