It’s all over the news today. Steve Jobs announced that there won’t be an SDK for the iPhone — just use Safari. Oh, and you Windows developers can use Safari for Windows to test out your iPhone apps. (BTW — I really love the “resizable text areas” in the new Safari 3 beta. It makes working in the web much nicer when you don’t have to be cramped in a tiny box!)

This seems like an interesting confluence of releases to try to gain further inroads in the market: release a killer OS upgrade (all for just $129), release a revolutionary phone, and then make sure developers everywhere can test that their webapps will work with it by pushing your browser to that other OS.

We’ll have to see if these connections play out the way it seems, but I’m very excited about the announcements today from Apple. I, for one, am planning an app with some iPhone integration so I’m interested to see how the development goes.

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