It’s been an eternity since I’ve created a podcast. The kids have grown, but both are still in diapers, neither can dress, and both still need assistance with food. It’s a ton of work, and I totally LOVE being a dad. This has had a tremendous impact on my time over the last 18 months, but it’s also meant that the location of my gear has moved quite frequently as well.

When I started podcasting, we lived in a small apartment in downtown Phoenix where we could watch both the Fiesta Bowl Parade and the APS Light Parade just 20 yards from the pool. Now we’ve moved to a house in the suburbs where I drive past our old freeway exit to the other side of the valley each day for work.

My home office has moved. Twice.

I had lots of thick audio cables running around, connected to various devices. Kids are prone to pulling cords.

I kept pulling out the equipment after months of ignoring it, only to completely forget how to plug it all in and tweak it just right.

So I’m giving up on the big-time equipment. I’ve sold my condenser mic. I’ve sold my mixer. I’m throwing in the towel on keeping track of cords. I need something simpler.

I’m planning to buy a USB mic. I only want one cord.

I’m done trying to fiddle with the sound to make my voice appear to be the 17th string NPR announcer. My published podcasts never had that sound; and when I worked on it I didn’t publish podcasts.

Instead, it’ll just be me, the one-cord-usb-mic, and GarageBand (I hope).

I know there’s a bajilliion things out there that can do better than the these tools. But I want just plain and simple because I’d rather produce something annoyingly below the audio quality of others than simply be silent.

I’ll probably still have ahs and ums. I’ll probably still ramble. I’m too busy changing messy diapers, answering phone calls to help people from church, writing Ruby in the evenings, telling bed time stories, and running to the grocery store for more formula to devote lots of time to editing.

And I don’t think I’ll ever return to the 3-podcasts-per-week format. So be it. At least I’ll be back with Zdot: Thinking Out Loud In Color every now and then.

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