So I’m picking up some Grails for a consulting gig, and as I’m trying out some of the basics, I feel like the Groovy execution of the Rails-equivalent commands is root-canal-painfully-slow. Check out these timings:

This is why I’m always skeptical of JVM dynamic languages — authors seem so bent on keeping Java that they are happy with the amount of improvement over their old world and left blind to how poorly it performs in absolute comparison to something else: where “performs” may mean syntax clarity, execution speed, or some other measure.

I realize I’m a Ruby and iPhone fanboy, but I like Erlang too, and I’m still in the deliberation stage on Scala. But while I like some things with Groovy so far, there’s nothing impressive except that it tries to make Java kinda like ruby, but keep the parentheses (usually) and leave {}’s around.

But this is day 2 of playing with it. We’ll see how it fares as I get some real development done.

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