Strange, but absurdly true. If it were only one of the two delays, I’d skip it, but both is just too odd to pass up.

I work for a national company. I made a request to change my direct deposit setup a while back. I was told by our local branch that headquarters had received the request and would process it. My next deposit was barely half of my regular paycheck and I had no idea what happened. It turns out that the payroll processing is done in Boston, and my request happened to be processed around the time of the Democratic National Convention, where traffic was so bad that people were either not going to work, or leaving early, or whatever. So the second half of my paycheck was delayed a week because the Democrats had a party. If it weren’t so funny I’d probably be a bit annoyed.

Now, I can understand one political event having outrageously insane odds of actually affecting my work life, but two events is just plain weird. Today I discovered that our current project may be delayed becuase of the upcoming US presidential election. We’re sending a mailing out to our customers, giving them a yearly statement, and the two week window that it’s been planned for probably won’t work for the mailing vendor — they’ll be sending out 6 million political mailings for both candidates, and do we really want our clients’ statements to get lost in that mess? No.

Whatever the outcome, I’m ready for the political hoopla to end. I need to get my work done, something they’re not likely to understand.

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