Grand Canyon Skywalk ::

This was not because the package was that complex, but because each person in the line thought they were going to be paying $25 per person. In reality, the tribe was charging another $50 on top of the $25 for each person. You read that right, 75 bucks a pop. The “Question Answerer” explained it to us:

“The investor wants to get his, that’s the $25. But it’s our land, and we don’t get any of that $25, so we have to get ours too, you know?”

When I heard about the glass skywalk it sounded like a really cool idea in principle. Now that I read this, I’m definitely passing on the trip for a LONG time. No cameras on the skywalk (what!!??!), long lines, and hidden fees. $75 per person is not even thinkable. No way. Too bad they launched in the day where one guy’s blog post can touch a few thousand potential customers.

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