As a gymnast in a former life, the Olympics have always held a wonderful set of feelings for me. I enjoy reflecting on the vastness of the world as I watch each opening ceremony. I speak French, having lived overseas for a couple years, and I really love hearing the French as the first language used for announcements.

As a martial artist, I have fascination and respect for the Chinese and their history. The opening ceremony’s artistic portion was phenomenal. I loved the moving printing blocks, and the varied forms of 和 (harmony) displayed.

In this world of uncertain trust, I appreciate anything that helps each of us pause and have more respect for each other and have some fun with those that are different from ourselves. Perhaps then we’ll have the mutual respect to say No to our mutual and individual problems and really get to some solutions.

Beijing, thank you for the outreach of .

P.S. If it were me, I’d have controlled the men in the moving printing boxes through their earphones using a simple sliding tone. As the pitch rises, you get taller, as it drops you get shorter. The faster the pitch change, the faster the action. Giving each person an MP3 player with an individual pre-recorded track could be close enough to coordinate the actions. Anyway. I’d be curious to see how they really did it. :-)

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