This piece —

Alternatively, if you’re taking a laptop, you can have Pebble up and running on Tomcat in 5 minutes.

From Simon Brown’s JavaOne tips got me thinking. I could use Pebble to edit my blog anywhere, and use Subversion to keep it syncrhonized. I think it would work. All the config and data files for Pebble are text (XML), and they all live in one directory hierarchy. I can use a local installation of Pebble on my laptop, at work, and at home. I can use Subversion to keep them in sync, and ultimately decide when a group of edits goes to my public blog site. Perhaps I’ll try it.

It seems like Dave and Andy do this, but they edit the source files directly. I know that bloxsom supposedly supoports using Subversion, but I never got it to work. Blosxom uses files as well, but Pebble vs. blosxom is meat for another post.

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