OK. I’ve gone from MoveableType to Blogger to Blosxom to Pebble, back to Blogger, and now to WordPress. I’m impressed with the interface. It’s much easier to work with than most other systems I’ve been on.

I’ve tried to structure the permalinks so that they’re easy to port to another system later on. I’ve eliminated the dates from them altogether. I figure I’d prefer to make my titles unique anyway, and you shouldn’t have to know the date of a post to link to it. Let me know if you’d like to see it differently.

So my next set of work is to bring all my old posts in. I’ve never caught any of my blogs up to date yet, so cross your fingers. I just might do it.

UPDATE: I’ve changed my permalink structure back to the traditional /archives/year/month/day format since it had some unexpected side effects. My calendar no longer had valid links for day summaries, and I really want that. I just supposed (naively, I guess) that archive links to months and days would always force a date structure on the URL but the truly permanent link could be constructed without any date information using a purely unique identifier. Maybe I’ve just been staring a Russel Beattie‘s permalinks too long.

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