For 2007, I’ve decided to make a few subtle changes to the way I blog and podcast.

  1. Less Java, more other stuff.
  2. Less rigor, more direct.
  3. More personal.

Less Java, more other stuff. I don’t find that Java captures my main set of interests any more. I’m going to talk more broadly in both my blog and the Zdot podcast.

Less rigor, more direct. Up to this point I’ve typically waited to post most substantial things until I’ve had some longer experience. Bloggers like Matt Raible and Ed Gibbs write more stream-of-conscious style. I like the feel it brings, so we’ll see if it fits me in 2007. So don’t be surprised to see posts that reflect my emotions in the moment.

More personal. I’ve avoided most discussion of the more personal sides of life. I’m gonna dabble with extending that a bit more.

While this may not mean big changes for you, I think it’ll free up a few constraints that I’ve put on myself. So out with the old, and in with the new. I’ll talk to you soon.


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