We are pleased to unveil to you, codesmack.com, home of the funniest programmer t-shirts. We have over 15 different designs that can be paired with different shirt/color combinations to dress you out in style. Our designs try to bring humor to the IT world, promote good programing practices and add a little good natured smack talk to your wardrobe.

We welcome any feedback you have regarding the site design (treat it gently; it’s brand new), t-shirt ideas, or any other comments you would like to make. If you like a shirt, we won’t even complain if you buy one (or more).

Hope to see you in a CodeSmack t-shirt!

–Tim and Aaron http://codesmack.com

With this little announcement we let our family, friends, coworkers, and open source associates know what we’ve been up to for the month or so. We’ve got a great selection of designs started, with plenty more to come in time. Digg your favorites soon and you just might get a chance to pick one up at RailsConf.

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