So you’ve got a great Rails app. You’re setting up page caching for those publicly accessible pages shared by everyone. One of your pages is the :index. It seems like the caching isn’t working when you’re testing it, but the output constantly says:

Cached page: /tag.html (0.00044)

What gives? Try seeing if “/tag” seems to use the cache, but “/tag/” doesn’t.

The mechanism behind the Rails page caching takes your action output and stuffs it all into an HTML file that *can easily be found by the web server*. Ah! So there’s no voodoo in Rails itself that tries to check for that page. In fact, it’s banking on not being called by pushing that burden off to the web server. In our case, this is Mongrel.

So how does Mongrel decide? Well, the mongrel_rails fires up a RailsHandler which uses the PATH_INFO to check for the existence of a cached file. When you’re requesting “/tag/” it’s looking for tag/.html, but not finding it.

I put together a patch here to address it. Seems to work in my limited testing, but I don’t know what I may have broken. Yeah, usually I make sure to write a test for my patches. This time I didn’t. Perhaps it won’t make it in until I do, but at least I’ve got it written down here to remind me when my cache doesn’t seem to work quite right.

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