You’ve got database code that uses both Hibernate and Spring. You need to test it. In this podcast I talk about how you can use DBUnit and HSQLDB along with some Spring test classes to create a setup that will let you test database code fast, and in isolation. Just what good unit tests should do.

Check out some great references on database testing, including the ones I mentioned in this show.

DBUnit and thier best practices for database testing. The HSQLDB home page. Scott Ambler’s excellent discussion of database refactoring. An article from about unit testing with HSQLDB. Spring’s AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests class that helps make some of your database testing easier. Check the other classes in the hierarchy for specifics on what they do as well.

I decided to try out adding a song today, like the SlashdotReview podcast does. The song is Calendar by Eugenia and The Boys. Let me know if you like it. Also feel free to revolt and tell me to pull the music and keep it to tech stuff. :-)

Listen now with the Flash player.

Download Unit Testing Database Code.

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