Our team has used JSF for the better part of a year. My vote: skip it. Check out the first of a long list of reasons why the JSF 7-layer burrito won’t be on my round for seconds.

In this podcast, I stick close to our experiences with JSF as a team, and my opinions on it. If you’d like to read stuff others have read about it, a couple searches should put you smack in the middle of a debate.

If you’re looking for information on the REST architecture I talked about in the podcast, you can get the short version from a third party, or the original dissertation from Roy Fielding.

Download JSF Part 1.

UPDATE: This page has been read more than twice my average (though the number of podcast downloads are still normal — is anyone new actually listening?). In anticipation of more podcast episodes to come, I’ve posted a more complete list of the things that made be decide I’d like to avoid JSF in the future.

UPDATE 2: Part two of the series is now posted.

FINAL UPDATE:The third and final part of the series is now posted.

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